Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rich 60

Find my self climbing up another wall
Hope its soft on the other side ill fall
How is it i can survive my life at all
Im drifting now my motor can stall

Laugh out loud dont pinch me ill move
im peeling you see my true color is blue
Patch work angels fall past me faster
stand right there im coming hard at you

Sixty seconds will do
I feel no anger at you

This cant be my now
Im over too soon

Your cold as gold but quicker you melt
I hover at your feet no matter how i felt
This action slows my mind if nothing at all
Ill best you i see it written in the stars

Im up here this happened
I feel nothing again
Who is who im not playing
Turning pages to the end

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In a moment

As i close my eyes i think of my life. Its not so bad. Could be worse in other words...

We sleep so much what would now matter? In a way we all live for sleep. We work, play, fuck and love. They all lead us to sleep.


Thats the final sleep. Its what we live for. What you do in the time of birth to death is up to you. Most wanna point a  finger and blame for what wrong has been to them...not the wrong they could have kept them self from.

Thats all i can think

As the blood pours out of me i think of who i could blame...

I point at my self the medic tring to keep me from draing out on the ground thinks i wanna tell him my last words.

funny i think i know this guy...the gym maybe..or is it...hell what does it matter now..

As i slip away i see no light..i hear no one is here to save me...

Funny last thoughts...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Picture 9

I see you looking back

eye that see no past

then I breath out

then in

voices echo in my head

drift into a glance

it was a moment

thats it

the thrill of wrong









she looks like the sun

shines on everything

I glance back

then on

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Uncommon and unknown

time can move so slow, means nothing to me


ive touched your skin, it meant the world to me


as I drift in and out words mean nothing to me


thats what it was and

thats what it could be

thats what would be

thats what I.......

you wanted to much, you gave nothing to me


this was a time of my life, it was so much to me


I made it so easy for you, you had to hide from


thats what it was and

thats what it could be

thats what would be

thats what I.......

stand if you want, but time will fade away as you dread away...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jangling Jack

Jack come to town with the fires of hell at his back. He stepped from his midnight black horse. before it could even stop. His limp seem to be worse than i had ever see it. He didn't let it slow him down as he made his way to the saloon.

He stopped feet from the first step. His black eyes seem to scan the whole building. his voice seemed to come from another place. He was screaming for Robert Plum.

As i looked ad Jack i could see blood all over his right hand. The street was so quiet i could hear every drop drip from him mangled. Every few moments he would make a fist then stretch his finger out.

Robert stepped out the front door. He to each step to the street one at a time. As Robert stepped on the street he unbuckled his gun belt and dropped it to the ground at his feet. He smiled when he stopped only inches from Jack.

Robert held his arms out like the Jesus cross in the church and spoke his last words to Jack.

"You gona shoot an unarmed man.....Jack?" He smiled.

The blood started to run from Jacks Right hand, then he started to breathe heavy like a ass after a hot afternoon in the fields.

Thats when it happen. Jack jumped on Robert and started to bite his face and then his neck. He just kept biting Roberts neck till he was dead. Old Mrs. Weston passed out and hit her head on the watering troff (she aint been right since).

Jack let Roberts body drop to the ground. he turned and look at me with his blood soaked face, a pieces of Robert hanging from his mouth. He slowly moved his right mangled to his face and wiped it off and smiled. The whole time his dead black eyes never blinkin.

Jack mounted his horse. Then rode it to Robert, he spit on him and the let out a laugh that would have made the devil cry.

Jack looked at me and said the last words i ever wanted to hear "See you real soon."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

old friends on the mind

Nine and the King

I've been running around, I've been standing in one place.
Letters are sticking to the words they are creating.
My finger are dirty with the last day Ive lived for
Im not cryin or complaining but I thing you have to go.
If you take a step to the left I think you'll understand.

My only moment to live is the thought of friend who died.
In just a moment I wonder what would they think of me now.
In seconds I smile at the thought of what I hold in my life.
What of the anger I've trapped deep inside will it ever go.
If I take a step back I just might understand.